Every reason why G.A.Y Late should be your favourite new hotspot in London

So. Much. Pop. Music

London is crowded with clubs and it can be difficult to choose where to spend your Saturday night. But the perfect solution is to go to G.A.Y Late. You won’t regret it, here’s why.

Its Instagrammable location

We all love taking a cool photo that sums up your night and most people judge its quality by thinking, is it Instagrammable? Well, Soho most definitely is, so make sure you head out with storage on your phone to capture London’s finest scenes. Failing that, you can get some sassy pics on the tube too.

It’s literally pop chart heaven

You’re lying if you say you hate pop music every once in a while, but for those who literally live for it, G.A.Y is the place for you. Britney Spears, S-Club, Lady Gaga – you name it, they’ll play it. What’s even better is the surrounding TVs that show the music video and lyrics. Who knew a place could be so entertaining?

Basically famous people go there

We met the rich couple from Gogglebox in there who were kind of mortified to be recognised, but I made it a big thing anyway. Being drunk really helps to over-exaggerate the excitement of meeting someone off the TV. But apparently, he was pretty excited too.

You can guarantee a cheap round for Soho

London prices are quite clearly known to be extortionate, like £6 for a cider in a decent pub. G.A.Y on the other hand aren’t too bad.

You won’t waste half the night queuing for the cloak room

Depending on who you are, this point may not relate to you, but there’s a lot of us who get a bit grumpy when you leave the club with exposed arms, legs, back etc and within two mins hypothermia will hit. If this is you, G.A.Y only charges £1 for the cloakroom, and you can hand it in when you pay for entry. Same as when you leave, because you will leave at the same time as everyone at 3am, you can just grab it on the way out, and they’re actually quick.

Everyone is a dancing queen

There’s a lot of podium type stages that are filled with people dancing, which you will nearly fight someone to get up there. So if you go out to dance all night long, this will tick all your boxes. You may even end up in a dance off – anything is possible.

You won’t be judged for anything

Last but not least, you can let your wild side out and not be judged. It’s not snobby. Nobody will whisper about your hot or maybe not outfit. You can dance like an idiot. Just make sure you’re not the one judging either.