What to wear for every scenario at uni

From uni fashion no to uni fashion vogue

If you want to make a good first impression at uni you have to be equipped with the right fashion advice. But have no fear as I am here to lend you a fashion guiding hand that will guarantee that you look totally Vogue in five scenarios that will happen to you within the first six months of uni.

The meeting with your course leader

It’s got to happen at some point. ‘A quick catch-up to see how you’re getting on’ with the person that will eventually be part of determining whether you get your dream job with a first, or will be working in your local supermarket with a fail for the rest of your life. So this is an important first meeting where your clothes are going to mean everything- they are the first impression your course leader will get of you so you better make it a good one.


It’s Thursday morning and you’re very much ready for the night out you have planned in 10 hours’ time, but you have to meet your course leader before you can even comprehend going on the sesh. But what do you wear? Nothing too formal, it’s not like you’re going on trial and being sentenced to 3 years imprisonment. But you don’t want to turn up looking like you don’t care at all. The answer is simple.

For all you ladies a standard T-shirt (obviously with nothing too offensive written on the front) paired with a simple pair of jeans and Chelsea boots.

For the lads a similar look of jeans and a polo shirt with a staple pair of Chelsea’s or maybe even some trainers. This look is easy to put together and will allow you to feel comfortable in your clothing while still giving your course leader the impression that you’re eager to learn almost as much as you’re eager to go on the sesh.

The first university job interview

So you’ve just had your ‘catch up’ with your course leader and the outfit has done you wonders and you’re definitely on your way to a first. Now though you have your first uni job interview; the one which will determine whether you live the rest of your uni life on pot noodles and £3 wine (been there) or dining on Filet mignon accompanied by only the finest bottle of red. You definitely need to pull out all of the stops and your CV just isn’t going to be enough.


The key is to show that you’re both a professional and an individual. If you’re a strong female worker of the world get those cigarette trousers out and pair them with a patterned shirt and a pair of brogues or loafers for an outfit which is both feminine while remaining professional and showing that you can get down into business with the boys.

Speaking of boys a pair of slim fit trousers are best paired with a patterned shirt rather than a white button down as it will show your future employer that you have character and a personality that will add to their company rather than being another boring John Doe. Now get out there and bring home the Filet mignon.

The night out with the lads/ladies

You’re interview has been successful with, at least, 50% of that being down to your incredibly professional yet charismatic attire. Now it’s finally time for the moment you’ve been waiting for all week – the sesh has arrived. You’re sat in your dorm room, half a bottle of vodka (drink responsibly) already downed, and your party playlist on full blast, battling with the 500 other students in your block getting ready for the same night as you; but you have no idea what to wear. You’re dying to look like your straight from the cover of Vogue as you know anyone who is anyone at uni will be attending the dream club night. But you don’t want to end up with your favourite jeans ripped from all that slut dropping and your favourite pair of heels scuffed by doing the alcohol shuffle home. The alcohol is clouding your brain and you are no closer to making a decision, so what are you supposed to do?


Go simple and chic. A slip dress and a pair of tights with some trainers and a killer smokey eye with a popping red lip should do the job for us girls.

Lads try a pair of skinny jeans, a polo shirt, and a pair of Chelsea boots or trainers. Remember you’re at uni so bets are you will be getting pissed so flat footwear is forward thinking to prevent you from taking an unwanted tumble in the bushes.

The first uni walk home of shame

Congratulations to you – as a result of your killer outfit you managed to pull a solid 10/10 last night and went back to their place. Unfortunately it is now 7am on Friday morning and you are stuck on the opposite side of town from where you need to be at uni in three hours. It’s okay though because you still have that little number from last night to make your walk of shame look 1000 times better than anyone else’s.


Donning nothing but last night’s outfit and a big winter jacket (come on guys its getting cold now its November and you need to keep warm) you make your way across town and towards the safety of your dorm where you will have two hours to get ready for your lecture. Oh the joys of the sesh.

The 10am lecture after a particularly heavy night

Well you made it home alright, but now you have to pick an outfit that will make you look at least half presentable to your fellow uni students while you are quietly dying inside and regretting that last tequila shot. Something comfortable is definitely in order, but what?


The last thing us ladies need is the extra weight of jeans on a stomach that’s already woozy with the multiple alcoholic beverages you downed last night so leggings are the way forward. Pair them with an oversized woolly jumper to keep warm, a cute bobble hat, and a pair of Chelsea boots – people will think you’re just trying to look winter time cute rather than hungover puke.

Boys I’m afraid leggings aren’t an option, its jeans or nothing for you. Pair some skinny jeans with a hoodie, some Chelseas, and adorably messy bed hair to make it look like you slightly overslept rather than never slept.

And there you have it – five uni fashion scenarios conquered. Now get out there into the uni world and slay with your fashion choices.