Here are the cheapest and most expensive universities in the UK

London takes gold, obviously

GoCompare have compiled a table showing which universities are the most and least expensive to go to.

The table takes account into factors including tuition fees, accommodation, social life, lifestyle, books and travel.

The most expensive university to study at in the UK is Regent’s University London, with the average total cost of £38,932 per year for a first year. On the other hand, the cheapest has been named as University of Ulster in Northern Ireland, with £14,260 per year.


The following were named as some of the most expensive UK universities:

  1. Imperial College London – £26,432
  2. University College London – £25,414
  3. London School of Economics & Political Science – £25,296
  4. University of Oxford – £24,510
  5. SOAS, University of London -£23,746

Some of the cheapest UK universities included: 

  1. University of Stirling – £16,030
  2. Loughborough University – £16,541
  3. University of East Anglia – £16,676
  4. Northumbria University – £16,716
  5. University of Chester – £16,760

Royal Holloway took first place for most expensive travel, coming in at £1,560, whereas University of Dundee holds the cheapest  at £204.

Kent and Oxford were the most expensive for social factors and Oxford, as well as Cambridge, were the most expensive universities for food shopping.

Below are annual total prices for various universities across the UK, for the full breakdown visit Degree of Value.