I love my brows so much I had them tattooed on

It costs £150

I’m a Medic at St George’s. It’s non stop, and leaves little time for a comprehensive beauty regime. Eyebrow tinting had been my BFF for years, but I would spend a good 5-10 minutes of my daily makeup routine perfecting my arches.

Chasing my dreams of joining the eyebrow elite with ladies such as Megan Fox and Kylie Jenner, I took the plunge and got my eyebrows tattooed to my face.

Feelin fabulous

When I tell people my brows are tattooed, they’re usually left in disbelief that my brows are an inky illusion. People associate getting a tattoo as a permanent thing, so it freaks them out a bit when I say I’ve had mine done. But let’s face it, does a day ever go by where you think “damn, if only my eyebrows were more full and defined!”

Not many people comment on whether they’re tattooed because they can’t actually tell that I’ve had anything done. I was out for lunch with a friend when she asked me what product I was using to make my eyebrows look so good. When I told her they were tattooed on she almost fell out of her chair.

No Sweat. Brows that won't budge on a sweaty summers day

To get your brows tattooed, it should normally cost anywhere between £200-£300. My treatment cost me £150, but was discounted from £200 as part of an offer.

I went to a tattooist in Southampton, where upon arrival I had numbing cream put on my face and told the technician what I wanted from my brows. She drew on an outline so I could see the shape she was planning to tattoo. Once the outline was agreed, the tattooing could begin.

Using a micro-pigmentation process, ink is deposited on the top layer of skin, resulting in a semipermanent tattoo. The device used creates ‘brushstrokes’ that mimic the appearance of real brow hairs. The beauty tech moves the hairs out the way to allow for space for the needle. This means, unlike with a conventional tattoo, you don’t need to remove the hair.


Before and after the tattooing

Although it may seem like a painful process, it isn’t any more painful than plucking your eyebrows. It only took about half an hour from start to finish.

The ink does start to fade, so you have to have top ups.  After the initial top ups you don’t need another top up for at least a year. Many people can go up to two years without needing a top up – low maintenance or what! If you decide that you don’t like your new tats then it would take about three years for the pigment to fade, but you might still have a bit of colour.

"I woke up like this" Getting ready to seat my tatas off at cheerlading safe in the knowledge my brows will stay put

Getting ready to sweat my tatas off at cheerleading safe in the knowledge my brows will stay put

One of the major things I have noticed is that I now look better without makeup on. I save heaps of time in the morning as I can leave the house bare faced feeling comfortable in my own skin, or put on minimal makeup and still look put together.

A natural beauty enhancer, this treatment is truly magical and I couldn’t recommend it more.

The Tab Student