What your St George’s study space says about you

Working hard or hardly working?

Our exams might be a lot later than everyone else’s, but whether we admit it or not, everyone at George’s does eventually knuckle down to do some work. You can find an array of areas to work at on campus, so here’s what your study space may say about you.

The silent study area

You’re a hard worker, you want that first decile and you’re not ashamed of being seen beavering away. These are the people who rarely go to lectures yet are always ahead of the game. You’ll definitely have a designated spot you always go to, and can be seen there most hours of the day. You probs don’t even leave to eat.

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Smashing it

The quiet study area

Those who head for the quiet study areas are self-proclaimed social butterflies that come to the library for a catch up. They’re rarely seen actually working and rather desk hopping and gossiping. Let’s face it, George’s kind of lacks social areas, so this is one of the best places for you to have a chat outside of lectures. Beware of the older years though, they won’t hold back!


Can’t handle the constant gossiping

The discussion or base room

You are in the majority; people in need of a constant supply of food when they are studying. You chose a room to avoid the embarrassment of loud munching. That’s why a free room is so hard to find. So to those people who go in there alone…please re-evaluate and return to silent study (just load up on food beforehand).


A working selfie to start the day

The computer room

It is a mystery to most as to why you study in the computer room. You’re undoubtedly smashing through some lectures in a more relaxed and less intense environment as silent study. It’s likely you’re socially awkward and avoid the library so you only have to interact with a computer.


How’s your day been?

The bedroom

Typical George’s snake. You probably told your friends you “know nothing”, yet there you are working all hours behind closed doors. You remain in your PJs all day and move with your work from desk to bed. But we all know who you are; you can be spotted venturing to the kitchen at 4am. Either that, or you just need to nap between study sessions.


Enough India, your library crush isn’t going to respond to your love letters

The SU, Eddie’s, or Peabody’s

These hot spots are prime for those that are more low-key and prefer to work around some noise as you’re less likely to get sucked into a conversation in these public areas. As an extra bonus, you can eat, sip, slurp, fart and burp in peace without judgement or any intimidating looks.

On public transport

You’re truly tragic. But alas, you need to find some time, somewhere to catch up on your pile of missed lectures and you might as well make use of that free Virgin WiFi! Just don’t take it to heart when commuters and onlookers begin to give you funny, confounding looks – they just don’t understand. Peasants.

Yes well, the alimentary tract isn't all fun and games Gwennyth

The alimentary tract isn’t all fun and games Gwennyth

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