Revealed: The gender divide at your university

30 per cent more girls graduate than boys

People might lie and say they picked their uni for the leafy campus, or the good reputation of the sports team, or the graduate employment prospects or how high their degree is in the league table. But one thing they won’t tell you, is they’ve all looked up the girl to boy ratio at each uni.

Information received by The Tab from the Higher Education Statistics Agency show the proportion of males and females in the countries universities, and the University of Chester have the most girls, with 66 per cent of all students being female.

The Uni with the most boys is Loughborough, the home of fishbowls and sport sport sport, with 63 per cent male.

Warwick and Aberystwyth are the only unis with equal boys and girls, so you have no excuse to leave uni single.

[infogram id=”LkZKpPu04zzYQPcw” prefix=”1wx” format=”interactive” title=”Untitled infographic”]