VOTE: Meet the BNOCs of St George’s

Here is the first round of SGUL’s most elite

With St George’s finally joining the Tab’s team of universities in the UK, we partook in this year’s BNOC of the Year competition – BNOC being Big(gest) Name On Campus for those of you that are a bit out of the loop.

You nominated over 90 different students and we have managed to shortlist the top seven, ranging from first year to fourth year. The next round will feature the top three from the poll below and your winner shall be crowned from that, so get voting!

Meet your candidates…

Ed Milne, Medicine, First Year


Meet one of your oldest undergraduate freshers, some refer to him as grandad and others know him for his carnal antics. He’s also infamous on Yik Yak as many, many people are in on his inside jokes that went viral (lol), he would like you all to know he does not have gonorrhoea… or chlamydia… or any other STD, I mean he even did lecture announcements to inform you all. He’s also bit of a rugby maniac, having previously played for Leicester Tigers.

Ed is known for his outgoing personality and partying despite not letting his age get him down. Did you know he has a McDonald’s tattoo on his bum?

Emma Norton, Medicine, Second Year


Also another name popping up on Yik Yak daily is Emma, she is known through many of the shows she’s been a part of: Tooting Show, Fashion Show, Revue… The crazy girl sure does love the afterparties as well, having gotten with two other BNOCS in the top eight (boy and girl)!

She loves a good party and is even known to still have the SU President’s halloween cape in her possession. Emma has been described as a “Big Alcoholic on Campus”, backed up by the fact she is on a nickname basis with Rich from the bar! She is said to have ‘drank herself into a stupor’ and going round involving herself with the 24 Hours in A&E cast.

Jack Vaughan-Jones, Biomed, First Year


Meet JVJ, one of our favourite northerners. Having travelled from a rural farming community in Lancaster, Jack has found himself in the intense world of St George’s in London. His nominations claim that everyone knows him and he knows everyone, “literally everyone knows him and his gossip, also Yik Yak fame”. Jack has had the opportunity in sharing a huge win that most freshers have never experienced – the UH Final Cup!

This one loves to get drunk, during freshers ball he chanted the entire way home on how much better the North is until he passed out and ended up spooning a cone. Not to mention Wandsworth 8 and his attire, or should we say lack of – at least it got him places.

Gurleen Singh, Medicine, First Year


Literally every fresher will know or heard of Gurleen, from day ZERO he was a big name, namely on the Facebook offer holders group where he was first nicknamed “Gurmeme”. From his wild dancing in freshers to serenading his fellow cricket boys on a tube platform, Gurleen has made a name for himself this year.

One of the stories in his nomination give us a deep insight… “Very first week of uni, first clinical skills session. Tutor asks everyone in the group to introduce themselves and say an interesting fact.. Most people talk about their pets or what they did over the summer, Gurleen comes out with ‘my favourite flavour of lube is…strawberry'”.

Lowri Davies, Biomed, Second Year


Lowri has to be one of the craziest to brace George’s. Her nominations question her nudity in the SU and “being immune to any kind of pain or embarrassment, creating a super student and BNOC”. She is well known throughout George’s and can be found on the hockey pitch, being part of the first team.

“Lowri jumped from a fair height safely into her lovers arms and was soon slammed into the concrete with the force Thor’s hammer.” – Not entirely sure as to what that means but sounds as if she’s left an impact on people. The girl once filmed herself dangling from a balcony, one hand to video and the other to make sure she didn’t fall to her death!

She also won the best costume for the SU halloween party this academic year as a zombie mother, we’re all scarred by that baby…

Vikram Rohilla, Biomed, First Year


Meet the fresher who shaved his head AND his beard all in the name of RAG/charity, transforming into an egg (self-proclaimed). He managed to raise a whopping £1077.90 – what a great guy. Vikram’s nominations praised his dancing and “piffness”, also stating ‘every girl I know wants/has wanted him’. He was part of the Capital Bhangra 2016 university competition with other dancers from George’s where they were glorious enough to scoop gold.

In an overflow theatre during a lecture once, Vikram got a bit rowdy and started climbing the tables up the rows from the front to the back and managed to stack and fall on the last row in front of everybody.. perhaps a sign of things to come? He’s even been called out by KBF lecturer Suman Rice for distracting her while she was teaching.

Alys Evered, Physio, First Year


“Physios are generally unknown, but Alys is not only known but also knows everyone!” – Meet Alys, a supposedly self-proclaimed BNOC and an all round great girl. If you’ve ever encountered her you’ll know how bubbly and loving her personality is, and when intoxicated, she will smother you! “She once hugged a guy called Ali and called him her bestie he said she was amazing!” – don’t we all want to be made to feel like Ali?

It is claimed that on more than one occasion, she has said the words “Well, I am a BNOC”, the girl has confidence. There is said to be a recording circulating of her saying the words “please do me, we haven’t got much time!”.

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