St George’s beats UCL, King’s, Bristol and Surrey in new uni rankings

‘Sorry, what uni is that again?’

Uni rankings are out once again, and we seem to have done a lot better than expected.

Scoring 66th out of 100, St George’s has established itself on top with student satisfaction. Being a relatively small uni, we don’t tend to get much attention – especially since we share a city with about thirty other universities. The survey saw Harper Adams, Loughborough and the likes of Swansea take the top three.


Over 25,000 reviews on determined these results, taking into account factors such as city life, accommodation, SU, courses and job prospects.

With only a minor total of 4,590 students, we tend to be sidelined by most universities but we have our share of fun facts, for example did you know one of Emilie Sandé’s videos was filmed on site? Or that hit TV shows Law & Order and 24 Hours in A&E were filmed on the campus? Not to mention the first ever vaccine was discovered and first anatomy bible written both by George’s alumni! But really, we are one of the only institutions to share a site with one of the UK’s largest teaching hospitals – isn’t that something?


The Tab spoke to some freshers for their honest opinions after almost a year of studying and here’s what they said…

Georgia, first year Medicine, said: “What’s best about George’s is that it’s one small dysfunctional family and you’re bound to bump into people you know all over the place. Especially the people you fell on your ass in front of at the SU – you can’t escape them.”

Harry, first year Physiotherapy, said: “It’s not a traditional uni in terms of the number of people or the campus, but you’ll get to know basically everyone. For me being in tooting is great, close to central London and the area has everything you need.”

Abbie, first year Biomedical Sciences told The Tab: “My favourite thing is probably that it’s a small uni, so we can get lots of advice from different years and places to go and for the best revision tips, the family system is really good.

“Perhaps organisation could be better. They once thought our exam was in the afternoon so didn’t get tables and chairs out, so it started much later than expected.”

We were able to top a fair few London renowned universities such as Royal Holloway (74th), UCL (81st), Queen Mary (82nd) and King’s (83rd), as well as Bristol, Surrey and Leicester. I’m sure we’ll continue to do well, as we triumphed in job prospects with 97%, go George’s!

The Tab Student