Revealed: The most sleep deprived unis

Too much fun or too many hours in the library?

Do you fall asleep in the library? Keep nodding off in lecturers and waking up at the end with a blank page of notes? Then it’s most likely you’re at Belfast.

Queen’s University Belfast  (QUB) in Northern Ireland had the largest population of sleep deprived students, according to our survey. We asked nearly 6,000 students how many hours sleep they got on average. and 14 per cent of QUB students said they got less than six hours sleep.

Both Newcastle and Trent came in at second, with 13 per cent saying they didn’t get enough sleep. At the bottom, Bath were the best rested, with only three per cent sleeping for less than six hours.

Doctors recommend you get at least seven hours sleep, and the majority of students do. On average, seven per cent of respondents said they got less than six hours.

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