The stoner league: Which uni smokes the most weed?

Pass the bifta

Are you currently surrounded by empty Doritos packets? Is there a bunch of discarded baggies on the table? Do you rip up the fliers of shitty nightclubs into roaches? Then you’re probably at Manchester.

Almost every student at Manchester said they’d tried weed, 93 per cent in fact. They were closely followed, bizarrely, by UEA in Norwich at 91 per cent – a campus uni with little drug culture surrounded by countryside –  and Leeds, Sheffield and Sussex at 90 per cent in third.

It’s 4/20, so we asked over 6,000 students if they had smoked weed before. Bottom of the pile were Oxford – where under three quarters of students admitted to trying weed, with most probably pulling a whitey. King’s and Durham didn’t hog the reefer either, coming in at second and third last respectively.

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