Revealed: The degrees that will leave you on the dole

Just hope it’s not yours

With exams and deadlines looming, what better way to scare yourself into doing more work, than by seeing what percentage of those who do your course will be unemployed after university.

According to the Higher Education Statistic Agency (HESA), Computer Science is the most unemployed degree with 11 per cent failing to find jobs out of university after six months. Media Studies follows in second place with 10 per cent, shocking everyone that it isn’t higher.

Fine Art place third with 9 per cent and Accounting comes in at fourth with 8 per cent – a number which I’m sure will decrease as more people look to squirrel away their funds in offshore spots.

Understandably, Medics and Dentists are the most employable with no students from either course finding themselves unemployed.

Within the study, unemployed includes those who replied to the survey indicating they were ‘due to start work’, but did not indicate that they were also working and/or in further study. So Media Studies students waiting to start their job stacking shelves at Tesco unfortunately still fall into the unemployed category.

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