The unis with the most students suffering from mental health issues

Almost 12,000 of you responded to The Tab’s survey

Mental health has grown to dominate the campus agenda, but how many students at your uni are suffering from an illness?

The cases of reported mental health issues has risen and we surveyed almost 12,000 people to reveal which universities have the most sufferers. The mental health issues we surveyed included eating disorders, depression, anxiety, body dismorphia, schizophrenia, and more.

Lancaster had the highest number of sufferers, with 56 per cent of people saying they had a mental health issue. This was closely followed by UEA with 55 per cent, and Lincoln with 52 per cent.

The Russell Groups with the highest percentage of student sufferers are Cambridge, Birmingham, Manchester and Edinburgh. However there is an even spread between Polytechnics and Russell Group throughout the rest of the graph.

[infogram id=”percentage_of_students_with_mental_health_problems”]

The Tab’s mental health survey had 12,000 respondents. Over 5,000 said they had suffered a mental health illness, which is the total these stats are based on. The results should be taken with a pinch of salt, but they show some interesting results. We’ll have more results from our survey later in the week.