Maddest Fresher 2016: THE RESULTS

Who’s the most unhinged first year in the UK? We’ve got the answer

Freshers. Love them or hate them, you can’t deny they’re pretty fucking mental.

This week, we asked you to vote on who was the nuttiest fresher of them all – and you answered our call.

Here are the top five maddest freshers in the UK.

5: Kerra Pringles from Bristol


4: Rory Moss from Bristol


3: Bradleigh from UCL


2: Fraser Mackenzie from Aberdeen


And the maddest fresher in the whole country?

Rob Klim from UEA

Rob Klim

UEA’s most badass fresher Rob stormed to victory with over 30 per cent of the national vote.

When we asked him about his victory, he said: “”Sorry mum, I promise I will get a first.”