Art, Philosophy and Sociology are the druggiest degrees

Now we know what you do with all of your free time

In a result which is in no way surprising, those who have less contact hours end up taking more drugs.

A Tab poll of over 10,500 students shows that Art students take the most drugs with 88 per cent admitting to having tried them.

Art students come out on top as they really need the inspiration, man. Philosophy students equally need to expand their minds and come in second place with 87 per cent.

No one knows what sociology students do, but apparently they do loads of drugs coming in third place with 86 per cent and History of Art follow with 85 per cent.

Dentistry bring up the rear with 59 per cent, with vets at 69 per cent and medics at 70. The national average was 79 per cent, a nine per cent increase on the previous year.

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