Which is the fittest uni?

Revealed: Which uni spends the most on fitness products?

Sales through Amazon Student show Cambridge to be the fittest UK student city, closely followed by Oxford.

According to figures from Amazon Student, people are spending more money on fitness equipment than ever before. Despite constantly moaning about not having enough money, students do have a termly influx of disposable income, which it seems is going towards things such as dumbbell sets, pull-up bars and Fitbit wristbands.

Cambridge students spend the most on exercise equipment, with rivals Oxford taking second place. Surprisingly, Canterbury, Southampton and Edinburgh complete the top five.

Even Brighton and Glasgow snuck ahead of sport obsessed unis like Bath and Loughborough, who were nowhere to be seen in the top ten.

[infogram id=”fittest_uni-55073″]

(1. Cambridge 2. Oxford 3. Canterbury 4. Southampton 5. Edinburgh 6. Brighton 7. Bristol 8. Manchester 9. Newcastle 10. Glasgow)

Fitness blogger Natalie Goodchild from The Blonde Ethos isn’t surprised by Cambridge’s high ranking.

Natalie said: “It’s no surprise Cambridge has come out top of the list. It’s a beautiful city with lots of green open spaces which are great for working out. It’s also a city which relies heavily on bicycles to get around, so students require cycling equipment ranging from bike lights to wearable technology to help them track and make the most of their journeys.

“Plus, with the iconic River Cam used for rowing and universities with a strong, competitive sports heritage, students are motivated to invest in kit which can improve their sporting performance in whatever way is most convenient for them.”

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Natalie of The Blonde Ethos

Paul Bagstaff from Amazon Student thinks the recent wave of health consciousness is linked to the increased number of purchases.

He said: “There is a new wave of health-conscious students who are working towards a healthy body and a healthy mind”

“This attitude is influencing the types of products students are buying with One-Day delivery available through Amazon Student, with fitness products playing a big part in their university life.”