The universities taking the most study drugs

The only thing cooler than taking them is talking about them

With last minute exam cramming and panicked essay writing a constant presence in university life, students up and down the country are turning to study drugs as they leave their work to the very last minute.

In a massive drug survey conducted by The Tab of over 10,000 students, we found on average 21 per cent of students have taken such study drugs as Modafinil, Adderrall and Noopept.

Hull came out on top with 37 per cent, almost twice the national average, followed by Newcastle and Sussex with 31 per cent, and Bath and LSE with 30 per cent.

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Economics students take the most study drugs with 31 per cent, followed by Engineering and History of Art with 26 per cent. Third place is taken by Politics and Business students with 25 per cent.

History of Art students have clearly turned to study drugs as they all must get so stressed with their four contact hours a week.

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