Halloween in Glasgow: What to wear

Gotta look hot for Sugarcube

Every club has its own vibe, and at Halloween it’s no different.

Here’s some costume suggestions that will make sure you fit right in wherever you go.


Shimmy girls like to be glam and sexy, but let’s face it, they’re also a bit basic. Why not go for everyone’s favourite costume -the sexy cat?

Really any animal will do, just stick some ears on, wear a short dress and you’re sorted.

Drinking game: take a shot every time you see a sexy cat this Halloween


If you’re going to the Garage it was probably a very last minute decision so you’ll need a costume that you’ll already have at home.

Throw on your novelty onesie (everyone has one, don’t lie) and you’ll be fine. No one makes an effort at Garage anyway.

Warning: May cause overheating


A lot of the girls here act like they’re royalty so go all out and dress up like a princess.

How else will you show whatever semi-famous person is there that night that you will fit perfectly into their upmarket lifestyle?

Just don’t tell anyone your ~fancy~ crown cost £4.50 from Claire’s


All those pills you will inevitably take will make you act like a zombie so you may as well look like one too.

You’ll fit right in


If you’re going to Bamboo then you are probably a child so try dressing up as your favourite Barbie doll. You run the risk of wearing the same costume as half of the other underagers there but hey, at least you got in.

This was an aged 8-9