The Tab Strathclyde is looking for Editors

We also want reporters


The Tab is looking for a new Editor and section editors to take up the reigns at Strathclyde’s most influential student newspaper. 

We’re looking for charismatic, driven, and talented individuals to set the agenda in Strathclyde. This is your chance to be part of a fun, innovative and forward-thinking news organisation with three million monthly readers.

We make a big deal about how we can help our reporters get jobs, training and money. You cannot get these opportunities anywhere else  – and we do great socials.

We’ve arranged for dozens of our best students to do work experience at the Mail on Sunday, the Independent, the Sunday Times, the Evening Standard, BuzzFeed, the Mirror, and many more places.

Former Editors have had full-page columns in The Sun, staff jobs at the Independent and furthered their studies at the Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism.

We’re looking for:

An Editor

As Editor, you will have overall responsibility for all the stories we put out.  All section editors report to you. Your role involves everything from assisting with sub-editing, chairing weekly team meetings, and making sure we break the biggest stories and showcase the best writing in Oxford.

News Editor

This is where the real journalism happens. News is why The Tab exists and as editor, you’ll be on the front line, finding the exclusives which get everyone on campus talking.

News doesn’t work like other sections. A news editor’s job is to build a network of sources through contacts, connections and other members of the team, manage a group of reporters who can be on the scene as a story is breaking, and someone with good communication and organisational skills – so they get the right people to the right places at the right time asking the right questions when they’re there.

The measure of success is how many stories you beat your rivals to, but the extra bonus is seeing your story in all the national papers, which happens to a different Tab newshound every day. That’s why every paper wants to employ our News Editors: they know they’ve done proper journalism.

Features Editor

Features editors are fun, creative and forward-thinking. You’ll be publishing experience features, interviews, and identifying trends. We normally get out a few features a week, so you’ll need to be on the ball and good at organising people.

You’ll be managing a big team of writers and meeting with them once a week. You’ll need to be full of story ideas to dish out, as well as listening to their ideas and helping them shape them.

giving them ideas as well as helping to shape theirs.

Fashion Editor

Fashion Editors are good at making people feel comfortable – who doesn’t want to be told they’re dressed nicely? You’ll be out on campus snapping the best dressed at least once a week, but that’s not where being in charge of the Fashion section ends.

Use your creative flair to organise shoots using clothes from the local vintage store, or go and try on the best outfits for the AU Ball. Get the Fashion Society involved and see how you can work together. The section really is your own to be as inventive and original as you like.

Voxpop Editor

Vox Pops are some of our most common articles and are always a great. It’s about getting out there and hearing what students have to say about real issues – like what would you do if you had opposite genitalia for a day?

You’ll be managing a big team who meet once a week, and you should make sure everyone leaves the meeting knowing exactly what they’re doing, and with a given deadline. Don’t just listen to their idea – talk it through with them and suggest ways to improve it. 

A Vox Pop editor should know a lot about current issues, but also be creative in coming up with original articles.

Head of Marketing

Reporters are The Tab’s engine of growth, and recruiting new people is the most important thing you can do for a team. As Head of Marketing, you are responsible for bringing in new reporters and making sure people know how to get involved.

The Head of Marketing is the socialite of The Tab and not afraid to schmooze the BNOCs, organise team socials, or approach people in the library to get them on board. 

You will develop great networking skills, and you will have evidence that you are happy to approach people cold and win them over. These are two of the most desirable traits a job applicant can have.

How to apply

Email [email protected] by Sunday 11th November, saying:

  • Three article ideas for your section
  • 50-200 words on why you would make a good editor
  • How you would add 10 reporters to our team
  • How you would manage and organise a team of writers