Strath’s alternative societies

Rugby and netball are mainstream

Starting uni is scary enough, but the prospect of over 150 clubs and societies to dive into is even more daunting. But not to fear freshers, if cheerleading and debating don’t appeal to your unique and adventurous side we have compiled a list of Strathclyde’s more unusual past times.

1. The Argentine Tango Club

Strutting your stuff at Wednesday Night Bamboo after a few weeks mingling in this society would be a breeze. And imagine the fiery, passion filled dancing socials you could be invited to. Tempted yet? Get down and funky every Wednesday during term time 5pm-7pm. The club aims to promote real tango dancing within the student bubble.


2. The Board Game Club

If wild nights drinking and typical Fresher behaviour is not what you are after then play it retro and join Strathy’s Board Game Club. Monopoly, Cluedo and even Snakes and Ladders, what could possibly be more fulfilling in your first year of uni? Take it to the next level with more obscure and advanced games competitions throughout the year. Apparently Wednesday is board games day at Strathy so keep that in mind this year and look out for further notices.


3. Knitters Anonymous

What harmonises together more perfectly than uni and yarn? Make jumpers, scarves, mittens, whatever the hell you want in this fun and sociable group. Whether you have a good skill set or not, this club is open to all knitting levels and even offers the chance to knit for charitable causes. Aw cute.


4. Ultimate Frisbee

Want to be active and part of a sports team but fancy trying something different? Then Ultimate Frisbee could be just for you. With competitive men and women teams both running throughout the year, there is no excuse to miss out. Free taster sessions will take place at the beginning of term to test the waters so you could be part of the “Dark Horses Strathclyde Team.”