Union J, Fuse ODG and The Venga Boys to headline Strathclyde freshers’

At least there’s something for everyone

Freshers’ Week is typically one of the highlights of a students time at university but at first instance that seems far from the case. You’re a nervous wreck, having either moved cities for the first time or starting fresh with none of your school pals to have your back. The thought of chatting to complete strangers gives you a near heart attack, not to mention getting drunk with them.

This is where Freshers’ Week comes in. You shake yourself, tell yourself to get a grip, down 3 vodka Redbulls and head to the Union to get your dance on. This helps when the line up for Freshers’ Week is decent and you don’t just end up dancing to dodgy remixes of The Vengaboys…oh wait.

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Much to the lack of surprise of many Strathy students, the The Vengaboys have made an imminent return to the Union on Friday 18th of Freshers’ week. They’re hoping to cause a stir and play their three famous songs probably on repeat for a few hours of glorious cheesiness. But let’s face it by the time you’re there you’ll be too mwi to care what or who is playing.

Starting off the week is Union J on Sunday 13th for £10 a head in Vertigo. If you’re keen for an hour of teen boy band madness then this is right up your alley. If you want to experience some afrobeats Fuse ODG is playing on Tuesday 15th September.

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Union J will be starting off the week

After hearing the headliners, people have been less than impressed.

Emma, Education fresher, said: “I kind of feel like the line up has fallen flat, but I know they must have a budget.”

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While others seemed up for the party and were impressed with who were playing throughout the week.

One fresher tweeted: “Can’t believe fuse odg are playing Strathclyde freshers?!?! Aww I wish I was there now fuck stirling haha they were UNREAL at TITP!”

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If partying and music isn’t your thing, Strathclyde also have a hot dog eating competition at 17:30 in The Yard on Tuesday 15th September and a cocktail masterclass at 15:00 and 16:00.

Finishing off the week with a bang is a ceilidh, Chris and Steve from Googlebox, karaoke and resident DJs on Saturday 19th September from 7pm to 3am in Barony.

Ultimately, fresher’s week is all about meeting new people and having a good time regardless of how cheesy the line up is. So choose to be good time guy or girl and not a music snob, grab a drink and enjoy one of the best times uni has to offer.