Glasgow nights out ranked in The Guardian’s top five in the UK

We were the only Scottish city

The Guardian finally spoke sense and ranked Glasgow as one of the top five cities in the UK for nightlife.

Others that made the cut were Manchester, Leeds, London and Bristol.

Whether it be the atmosphere an audience creates at a gig or surreal characters, the Glasgow crowd will always leave a lasting impression.

We cater to people of all different tastes in venues and music, which makes the city such a diverse place to go for a night out.

Clare Morris, an Art School second year and avid raver, said: “Glasgow has a great music scene, which contributes to how great it is on nights out.

“The people are a main factor in having a fab time, and even after the nights finished, you always make pals over some good chips and cheese.”

Places such as Firewater on a Thursday night and Sub Club’s ‘I AM’ night on a Tuesday provides great music at a low price for students.

Mike Grieve, the Sub Club managing director said: “Historically, Glasgow had that ‘work hard, play hard’ thing going, just like other post-industrial communities.”

“Add to the mix a large student population, and you can understand why there is an appetite for a party here.”

So if you’re looking for a night out in Scotland with plenty of places to go for cheap drinks and guaranteed entertainment, whether it be from the people or the assortment of live events to choose from, you now know Glasgow’s got it all.