Barr are stopping the 30p glass bottle return

Get your gingy’s in quick

barr glass bottle return irn bru

Drinks giant Barr say after December 31, you won’t be able to return your empties to shops for cash.

For over 100 years people have been able to return the glass bottles to shops for a part-refund.

It was a staple of childhood, bringing empties back to the shop and using the money to buy sweeties.

Hell, our parents even went around neighbours’ doors to collect gingy bottles for some extra pocket money.

Now, Barr are doing away with this due to the ever-increasing number of people simply recycling glass bottles.

Ex-Barr chairman Robin Barr told the Sun: “I am very sad about this because there is an emotional attachment to the bottles.

“Personally I could never throw a 30p bottle in a bin. I’m Scottish by birth and an accountant by trade, so I still think 30p looks like a jolly good reward. But obviously it isn’t enough.

“People’s social conscience is not being troubled when they put bottles in the bin because they know it is going off to be recycled.”

The Tab spoke to Glasgow’s understandably devastated public to find out what they thought.

Elliot, 19, stockroom assistant

“I bet loads of shop owners will use this announcement as an excuse to stop accepting bottles way before the end of the year. Seriously, mark my words. You heard it hear first.”

Straight Outta Bishy

Martin, 18, unemployed

“I’m on the dole right now –  how am I supposed to bring in extra money once the deposit scheme goes away?”

Nick, 20, sales assistant

“I bet my dad starts crying when I tell him about this.”

Craig, 18, student

“How am I supposed to pay for a 30p mix-up now?”

Duncan, 20, sales assistant

“What’s the point in basically forcing people to recycle bottles? Isn’t returning it to the shop basically the same as recycling it?”

Sean, 19, student

“What’s a gingy bottle?”

Calum, 19, security guard

“I was at a house party once and there was this whole room full of empty gingy bottles. That was weird. Sorry what was the question again?”