SWG3’s ground floor to be made into bespoke film studio

‘Will all the directors be on pills as well?’

film studio glasgow partick renovation swg3 underground scene west end

SWG3 will undergo renovation to add creative film studio space to the ground floor if given the green-light by Glasgow council.

The edgy Partick art-studio and music warehouse has hosted countless gigs, shows and exhibitions since it opened in 2005.

Upcoming events include DJ sets from big acts like Streets legend Mike Skinner, Julio Bashmore and Slam.

If given the go-ahead by Glasgow City Council, plans to upgrade the West-End venue could kickstart Glasgow’s waning underground art scene after the tragic death of the Arches.

The Tab asked Glasgow-based amateur filmmakers, students and general creative-types what they thought of the plans.

Performance Arts second year Ian MacKenzie said: “I don’t like SWG3 cause this one time I went there, this mad guy started screaming for his mum.

“He then put a cigarette out on my cheek and told me he was gonna eat me. No amount of films will ever change that.”

Reginald Perry, a third year studying Film and Television said: “If they made a film about SWG3 and filmed it inside SWG3, wouldn’t that be meta as fuck?”

The new space could host bespoke cinema screenings and previews, music videos and recordings as well as fashion shows.


Ryan Flynn, a Theatre Studies second year said: “SWG3 is a great venue and I think expanding it will only add to its success. The film studio in particular could be a great tool for the Scottish film industry.”

The ambitious refurb proposals include a wholesale renovation of the warehouse roof.

Owner Andrew Fleming Brown told STV News: “SWG3 will continue as an events venue with TV and film production – that’s the core aim with a focus on music as well.

“After the refurb we will continue to screen films, potentially on the roof. The ground floor will be a dual facility space which works as a large events space and a film and TV production facilty.

“We have used SWG3 for a wee bit of film production in the past through our photography studio, but it was mostly fashion and editorial work.

“I would ultimately love to see SWG3 produce a cultural programme of content, maybe with the creation of an online channel or platform for creative industries.”


Renovation is due to begin at the end of the month if authorised by the council.

Ewan Clark, third year Chemistry said: “I just hope they can get some heaters installed because it’s always bloody baltic in that place.”