High in the Highlands: Belladrum 2015

Och aye the noo

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Last week thousands of festival-goers made their way to the Highlands to enjoy the sheer madness that is Belladrum.

Famous for it’s quirky ways, the family-friendly festival encourages revellers to dress up and partake in unusual activities with a different theme each year.

For those keen enough 2015 was Superheroes.

belladrum pic fourteen

Photo: Paul Campbell

Belladrum is different from other festivals in that it’s more than likely your parents are there. If not, maybe an aunt or uncle.

This should always be viewed positively. When booze runs out there’s no need to shell out for some bar tokens –  just head straight to the Pimm’s tent, find a family member and scrounge.

No shame

No shame in scrounging #bindis

Thursday meant waiting in the entrance queue for an hour. But this was made less painful by the guy in front of us carrying all his camping gear and alcohol in a trolley.

Realising he could open bottles on the plastic ridge, he created a lucrative business charging 10 pence-a-pop to those who desperately wanted to down their beers before having the glass bottles taken off them at security.



On Thursday night those lads The Proclaimers graced the main stage – one of the weekends main headliners.

Friday and Saturday saw the Manic Street Preachers and Kaiser Chiefs take centre-stage.

How many miles?

How many miles??

Aside from it’s more rural and rustic feel, Belladrum isn’t hugely different from other Scottish festivals.

It rained, of course.

Shelter was saught in a damp tent

Shelter was sought in a damp tent

There was someone pissing off the security, obviously.


There were new friends to be made.

No one knew why the power rangers were there

Some of the only superheroes of the weekend

Some old-gold style icons.

Festival outfits on point

Festival outfits on point. http://www.paulcampbellphotography.co.uk/

And of course, it was a Selfie Stick goldmine of opportunities.

Cider selfies everywhere

Cider selfies everywhere

There’s a continuous sense of liveliness as musicians perform on various stages during the daytime.

The Tab asked Jake Cameron: “What was the best thing about performing at Bella?”

“Obvs the sesh. And the crowd are so positive and responsive to all the songs, it’s incredible.”

Jake Cameron performing on the "Burke n Hare" stage

Jake Cameron performing on the “Burke n Hare” stage

 Everyone is happy at Belladrum

It is impossible to be sad in a land of happiness, a.k.a belladrum

Legs out no matter the weather

Legs out no matter the weather

The weekend ended with an unforgettable Kaiser Chiefs special.

Kaiser Chief's Ricky Wilson had a good time

Photo: Paul Campbell

Just another 51 weeks now. Until then, Bella.

So pretty.  Picture -http://www.paulcampbellphotography.co.uk/

Photo: Paul Campbell