How often do you ‘spare some change pal?’

‘They’re all junkies’

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An all too common sight in any major city is that of the street beggar.

The impoverished few that tug on the heart-strings of the passing public provide a reminder of the harsh reality many live under.

We asked Glasweigans how likely they are to help out those in need and what factors – in an increasingly cynical society – are likely to impact upon our decisions to spare some change.

Ryan, Maths student
“I’m unlikely to give money to the homeless, the nationality of the person wouldn’t really make a difference either.

“I’d feel like if I gave to one then I’d need to give to them all.”

imageElaine, museum curator
“I’m not very likely to give them money. I’d probably rather buy them a sandwich or some food to help them out.”


Shawnee, 20, call centre worker
“I’m more likely to give to Scottish people. You see gangs of foreign people who drive BMW’s at the weekend and sit and beg for money Monday to Friday it doesn’t seem right.”

Claire, student
“Naw I wouldn’t give to them because they’re all junkies.”


 Adam, student

“It depends on the person. I’m probably unlikely to give to them because I’m a student myself and I don’t have a lot of extra money to go around”


Nicole 23 sales manager

“Not likely because you know a lot of them aren’t homeless. You often see groups of Romanian people using it as a job so I’d much rather give food to someone who needs it.”


Stephen,21, Graphic Designer
“I don’t know I’ve never really thought about it. Probably not, I’d rather give to an organisation but then maybe the most direct way of helping people is to give straight to them. It’s a tough one.”


Alex, 18, Journalism student
“The nationally would have no effect on me at all. It depends on whether I believe the person is homeless and if I have change on me to give.”