Safe taxi scheme hailed a ‘lifeline’ for stranded clubbers

You never have to walk home alone again

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A local cabbie firm has been praised after introducing a pioneering safe taxi scheme.

Glasgow Taxis has teamed up with the Union to allow desperate revellers to pay for their transport using their student card.

The scheme already operates in other major cities such as Cardiff, Liverpool and Manchester, and has been hailed as a “lifeline”.

It works by the Union paying for your journey, and then they give you a day to pick up your card from the Union and repay the cost.

You just have to quote Gcu1 or Strath1 when you call Glasgow Taxis, and hand over your matric card at the end of the journey.

Michael Stephenson, Gary Paterson, Stephen Flynn

USSA President Gary Paterson said: “This scheme won’t solve all the problems, but I was keen to get it off the ground because it could be a real lifeline.

“I am thrilled to see this city working together to prioritise safety in our communities.

“While we hope the scheme doesn’t need to be used often, this is a safety net for unexpected emergencies.”

He added: “Community safety is a big issue in this city, especially on nights out and particularly for students as we have sadly seen in recent months.”

But third year Politics student Kirsty-Louise Hunt is concerned about the boundary charges.

She told The Tab: “It seems like a good idea in theory, but I’d be interested to see how boundary charges apply.

“I live outside Glasgow and I’m not sure if all drivers would accept the student card, since it usually costs extra with Glasgow Taxis.”

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Concerns have also been raised a lost purse or handbag often means a lost student card, bringing into question the scheme’s overall effectiveness.

Business and Spanish student, fourth year Kathryn Nicholson, said: “I think it’s a good concept, but it will take a while to get the word out about it and for drunken students to remember about it.

“I can imagine some taxi drivers might not be happy about it when they pick you up either, but it’s a great idea and I would definitely use it.”

Nevertheless, Stephen Flynn, vice-chairman of Glasgow Taxis, said: “The scheme has been hugely successful in a number of other cities and we are glad to be able to make it a reality in Glasgow.

“It will give both students, and our drivers, peace of mind.

“Students are a big part of Glasgow life and we are strong supporters of the university community, through the Glasgow Taxis cup – an intervarsity sporting competition between Glasgow’s three universities – and presence at Freshers’ Fairs.”