Strathy cleans up in BUCS final standings

We’re kind of a big deal

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Here are the final standings for Strathclyde’s 1st teams for the BUCS 2014/15 season.

Men’s football and hockey came 1st in their divisions, rugby and tennis came 2nd, while badminton, fencing and table tennis also managed podium finishes with 3rd places.

Women’s football, basketball and table tennis all came 1st in their divisions, with hockey and volleyball coming in 2nd.

In mixed sport, our golfers came 1st in their division.


Here are the full results breakdown.

BUCS 2014/15 Results


Badminton, Scottish 1A, 3rd

mens badminton 1a

Basketball, Scottish 1A, 5th

basketball 1a

Fencing, Scottish 1A, 3rd

mens fencing 3rd

Football, Scottish 2A, 1st

football mens scottish 2a 1st

Hockey, Scottish 3A, 1st

Mens hockey scottish 3a, 1st

Rugby, Scottish 1A, 2nd

mens rugby scottish 1a

Table Tennis, 1A, 3rd

mens table tennis, scottish 1a, 3rd

Tennis,Scottish 2A, 2nd

Tennis men, scottish 2A second

Men’s volleyball, Premier North, 4th

mens volleyball, premier north, 4th


Basketball, Scottish 3A, 1st

womens basketball, 3a, 1st

Football, Scottish 2A, 1st

Womens football 2A

Hockey, Scottish 2A, 2nd

womens hockey

Netball, Scottish 1A, 4th

womens netball 1a

Table Tennis, Scottish 1A, 1st

womens table tennis, 1a, 1st

Tennis, 1A, 4th

womens tennis 1a, 4th

Volleyball, Scottish 1A, 2nd

womens volleyball 2nd


Golf, Scottish 1A, 1st

golf scottish 1a first