SNP dominates Strathclyde with almost half of finalists’ votes

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Sturgeon fever has sweeped Strathy, as a new survey reveals almost half of finalists are set to vote SNP.

Figures from the survey show that the SNP is the leading party at Strathclyde University with a huge 43 per cent of finalists set to vote for them.

The Labour party has 31 per cent of finalists voting for them, 11 per cent for the Conservatives, 11 per cent for the Green Party and 2 per cent for the Liberal Democrats.

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Research shows that almost half of all students felt that regardless of what party won the election it wouldn’t make much difference and nearly a quarter of students said voting was a waste of time.

International Business and Economics student Evie said: “I thought that after SNP lost out on the referendum, their general support might be adversely affected, especially so soon after the referendum result. I’m surprised that they have strong support.

“They have the most progressive policies that concern students so I’m not surprised that Strathclyde students are supporting the protection of their free tuition fees and moves towards more sustainable job prospects for us in the future.”

Whereas, French and History student Caroline said: “I feel really disenchanted with politics right now. Nothing seems to change and often politicians aren’t held accountable enough.”

High Fliers surveyed 13,039 students from 30 leading Universities.


Surprisingly Glasgow University wasn’t far behind with 30 per cent of those asked intending to vote for the SNP.

Even though the SNP dominates in both Strathclyde and Glasgow Uni this is not the case for other Scottish Unis. In Edinburgh the favourite sits with The Green Party with 27 per cent and in St Andrews the Conservatives with 29 per cent.

In comparison to previous years the growth in support for the SNP is significantly rapid. In 1997 and in 2010 Strathclyde Uni’s finalists first choice was Labour and second choice was the Conservatives.

The overall outcome is that 31 per cent of final year students intend to vote for Labour in the forthcoming General Election, the same proportion as the Conservative party. A quarter of finalists plan to vote for the Green Party but only 6 per cent are backing the Liberal Democrats and just 1 per cent are UKIP supporters. 3 per cent of students are expected to vote for the SNP.