Best places to buy Buckfast in Glasgow

‘Wreck the hoose juice’

Buckfast holds a dear place in our national heart. Never before have neds, students, tramps, alcoholics and Benedictine monks found such common ground as with this quasi-legendary tonic wine.

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‘Does not imply health giving or medicinal properties’

With a 15 per cent alcohol content and the caffeine equivalent of 5 coffees, one bottle is enough to have you obnoxious, fighting your friends and declaring your undying love for that girl all before 10pm.

As you’ll be buying one for your next pre-drinks, here are different places around Glasgow that sell it.

J.J’s, High Street, £7.50


The last-minute-stop-shop right next to halls, beloved by all Strathy students, comes in with a reasonable middle of the park figure.

One O One, Duke Street, £6.99 (often £5.35 on promo)

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The Dennistoun shop had theirs at £5.35 on special for weeks. It’s back up to standard price now but will likely be on offer again soon.

Rajou’s, West End, Gibson Street, £8.29


You’ll be hard pressed to find a bottle for under £8 in the West End. It’s unclear if this is because it’s discouraged by society or because people are expected to have more money. GU students will typically go for a bottle of Port anyway.

Location, location, location.

Lifestyle Express, Partick, Dumbarton Road, £5.99


Maximum respect.

Mindy’s and the One O One, Alexandra Parade, both £6.49


 G.G Brothers, Finnieston, Argyle Street, £6.99

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 A good, steady price for all of our Finnieston friends.

And if for any reason you loathe Monks making your booze, you can try El Dorado. “Scotlands own” tonic wine. Though at £5.99 it’s only marginally cheaper.


Buying from Amazon will cost you a cool £12.79.

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So if it’s a bottle of commotion lotion you’re after, these are the places to go.

Remember now, we don’t want to see you drinking this in the park, smashing the bottle, or glassing anyone like an uncouth youth.

Keep it classy.