Biggest Fubar fan loses ID, but still gets let in after tweeting the club

You wouldn’t want to miss a Tiki Thursday

One Fubar loyalist was in a predicament on May 5th when he lost his ID and feared that he wouldn’t be let in and would miss a Tiki Thursday. Unable to contemplate this horror he called out to Fubar in hope that he could be let in.

Kyle Graham sent a DM on Twitter to Fubar pleading with the organisers to not let his Thursday down, providing evidence that the had been in the club before.

Fubar 1

Graham then proved his loyalty to Fubar by reminding them that they appear to be best friends due to the exchange of unreal patter that the club and Kyle have took part in previously.

This patter included the exchange of Gifs and videos between the two.

However, what Fubar may not realise is that Kyle is not as much of a Fubar loyalist as he makes out as he has been photographed cutting mad shapes inside fierce rival Dusk, a clear moment of betrayal.



The evidence provided by Kyle was clearly enough to convince the Fubar bosses who informed Kyle that the Fubar court had convened, which probably doesn’t exist because a lot of us would be standing trial there. The court found that Kyle should be allowed to Fubar.

Fubar 2

The story was picked by everyone’s favourite meme creator, the Lad Bible writing that Kyle’s move was “well played” and featured on the site’s daily Afternoon Ladness feature. Fubar were obviously buzzing at the recognition who retweeted a post which pointed out that Fubar has been featured on the Lad Bible.


Your move Dusk.