English student caught drink driving has Maserati confiscated

And he’s not getting it back

An English student at Stirling had his Maserati supercar confiscated after being stopped by police twice in eight days.

Chenao Li, 22, was first stopped by police in August after he was spotted driving on the wrong side of the road and officers found him to be three times over the legal limit. Eight days later he was stopped again by officers and they smelt drink on him, and Lin refused to give a breath sample.

When Li was stopped by officers, he told them: “I’ve just arrived in the UK and don’t know the law.”

Li's parents bought him a Maserati like this

Li’s parents bought him a Maserati like this

At a trial at Stirling Sherriff Court in November, Li was fined £1,950, banned from driving for three years and Sherriff Gillian Wade ordered that the car, which was bought for Lin by his parents, be seized from his possession.

An appeal was lodged by Li to the Sherriff Appeal Court in Edinburgh recently, but the appeal was refused as it was ruled that removing the high performance car from Li in order to protect the public from his driving.

Sherriff Principal Craig Scott added: “The cavalier nature of the appellant’s offending posed a clear risk to the public.”