It’s official, you said Dave Keenan has the best Snapchat game

It’s like an opinion poll

Last week we asked you to vote for who would win the union elections on their Snapchat game and here are the results.

The union elections are nearly over, but before the results are revealed, we have to find out who is the best at using Snapchat.

Overall, the clear winner is Dave Keenan with 33% of the vote

Good effort Dave

Taking the most votes between the Sports President candidates was Jess Morris with 15% of the vote, just pipping Steven Watson by one vote which shows you are ready for Round 2 with Jess even if she didn’t give us a selfie.

Unlucky Steven

The full results were:

1st- Dave Keenan- 33%

2nd- Craig Forsyth- 22%

3rd- Jess Morris- 15%

4th- Steven Watson- 14%

5th- Alex Frost- 9%

6th- Greg Mihill- 7%