Stirling uni researchers discover money does not make you happy

Those loan debts don’t seem so bad now

A study led by the University of Stirling has concluded that changes in income do not affect most people’s happiness.

The study, which asked 18,00 people from two separate samples from the UK and Germany, found income change effects life satisfaction of only individuals with specific personality characteristics.

So that sadness you feel from your heavy Dusk session is actually because you spent lots of money. Nothing else.

The researchers who were helped by researchers from Nottingham found that people are happier with avoiding loss, rather than financial gain.

The answers provided by the people interviewed in the research revealed that income increases did not affect life satisfaction, but a reduction in life satisfaction was recorded when people suffered loss in income. Which means that those of you who celebrate on SAAS day are lying to yourselves.

Dr Christopher Boyce of the Behavioural Science Centre at Stirling said, “What really matters in terms of income is when income is lost and this is only important for people who are highly conscientious.”

And you feel better about how much money you don’t have now don’t you? You’re welcome.