Mysterious messages written on food left around Willow Court

Heavy Creepy

Willow Court is being terrorised by a mysterious vigilante, clearly intent on intimidating residents… with bread.

Concern was raised in Willow Court during the week when a fairly innocuous looking bag of broccoli was left outside someone’s door with the message “Friends?” written in the corner of the bag.


Hayley, a first year French and Business Studies student told The Tab, “We don’t have a clue who it is, but I don’t blame whoever sent this message to us, everyone wants to be friends with us, we’re pretty sound.”

The mysterious messages continued though as, clearly distressed by the accusation of being “heavy creepy”, the message-bearer had another for the residents of Willow Court, this time, clearly short on resources, chose to write a message on bread simply asking the question- “Heavy Creepy?”

Heavy Creepy 2

This message was not only found in the lifts of the building.

Heavy Creepy

On asked why bread was the chosen material for the messages, Hayley told us, “It was Kingsmill 50/50, which is a cheap alternative to paper and with the printing costs here it really does make sense”.

With now being labelled “Creatures” by their fellow students the mysterious perpetrators struck one final time as they again questioned such a title with simply asking “Creatures?”.

This was either an intent to voice their displeasure at this label or a further attempt to intimidate Willow Court and make everyone question who was next.


Hayley told us, “they will probably strike again, we’re expecting it to come some time next week, there’s just no telling when it will happen”

“There is a chance that this could spread to other halls”

There is no telling how serious this situation can get, if this does spread to other halls, then this could become an uncontrollable epidemic that could take over the whole campus.