Gender course to be axed after only one year

Misogyny must not be a problem anymore

Stirling University’s popular Gender and Sexuality in Politics module is set to be axed as part of a project to cut down on teaching times across timetables.

You may remember a certain video of a certain hockey team doing the rounds a couple of years ago singing a rather distasteful song on a public bus.

In response to the national displeasure of the video the University of Stirling’s politics department launched a new module on Gender and Sexuality. However, the course is set to be axed, only a year after it was launched.

In response to this news we spoke to some students to seek their opinions on the course and found out that the course not only contributed to their understanding of issues such a feminism, but also impacted on how they see the world around them, an effect rarely seen from other courses.

PathfootMegan, studying Politics, said, “the course turned out to be far more  insightful than I first expected. Like a lot of people the idea of feminism seemed a bias concept, but the course really challenged my understanding of the subject.

“Not only did the subject provide an insight into feminist thought, but also highlighted marginalised issues such as intersex persons. I do believe that had it not been for the module then my perspective on such issues would have been restricted.”

Another student who had studied, Charlotte, also studying Politics and took the course said, “the module made me think differently about ideas and concepts I had written off and that these concepts are important when applied to the real world and gave me an understanding of the real world by using these concepts the course taught me.”