One year on, do you love or hate the ‘Spoons?

Crossed opinions on The Crossed Peels

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Just over a year ago Wetherspoons, the definition of the mass-produced chain, opened up a branch in Stirling. 

We asked what you make of the pub giants and the impact their cheap drinks and food has had on bars like Cape and The Corn Exchange.

One year on, has Wetherspoons been a force for good or bad on the Stirling scene?


Kirsty, 20

“This Wetherspoons is better than any other I’ve been in, I think the Stirling one looks a lot nicer than the other ones. A bottle of wine in there is £6, so I’m happy with that.

“Other bars are dead now because they are more expensive than Spoons is, there’s just no way around it.”


Jack, 21

“I love it for the Hooch because I’m Hooch daft.

“Yes it has taken business away from other bars and I think that’s because it has been put in a good area.”


Dylan, 18

“I think the new Wetherspoon’s is alright. I only drink pints and those are cheap, so that’s all I need.

“Cape has lost business since Spoons opened pretty much next door, you can see that because it’s nowhere near as busy as it used to be.”


Rebecca, 18

“Spoons is class, mostly for the massive jugs of cocktails they do and they are cheap as.

“I don’t think other bars have lost business because they seem to me to be just as busy as they were before.”


India, 20

“I have been, but I do not like any Wetherspoons at all because I don’t like the atmosphere of them and I would never eat there. I would only ever go in there for a drink.

“Lots of other bars are dead now because a lot of people are just going to Spoons for the cheap drink.”



Diane, 35

“Yes, I think it’s good and I especially love the cheap drinks, although the food could be better, I really don’t like frozen food.

“The other bars around the area are quieter now, but that always happens when a new bar opens.

“Everyone is keen to find out what the new one is like, but then eventually go back to the places they usually go to.”

Fraser, 25

“I think it’s good, the quality of the food is not up to much, but the drink is cheap.

“True, It doesn’t have the same atmosphere as other bars, but they’re more expensive than Spoons.”


Miriam, 21

“The new Spoons is alright, I only go in there because everything is so cheap, but the atmosphere is rubbish because they don’t play any music.

“It depends what time you go to places because Spoons is not a place for pres.

“I would normally go to Spoons first and then pres would start at somewhere like Outback and then off to Dusk or Fubar.”

Though this may just be the beginning of the end for smaller pubs, with a new £1.9m Wetherspoons pub and hotel for King street already approved by Stirling’s licencing board last month.