I tried Quidditch and it was Sirius-ly good

The only thing missing was a Lee Jordan commentary

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“Yer a wizard, Brett.” At least I pretended to be for one day.

It’s been three years since the final Harry Potter movie was released, leaving fans everywhere more depressed than after being winched by a dementor. To help solve the issue, unis all over the UK (and beyond) are setting up their own muggle version of the much-loved sport Quidditch – and Stirling is no exception.

Sprightly Vicky Martin has been working hard since the summer to improve Stirling’s answer to the Hogwarts teams: The Dumyat Dragons.

The team.

The team

As much as I loved the Harry Potter books and knew the rules of the game in theory, in reality the sport is slightly different. Quidditch is the only gender-neutral full-contact sport in the world and is becoming a leading sport in equality for both women and the LGBT community.

The rules are:

  • Up to three chasers need to get the quaffle (usually a volleyball) into one of the three hoops at either end of the pitch. Each goal scores ten points.
  • Two beaters hit the opposing chasers with bludgers (or dodgeballs). If they hit the chasers, the chasers must drop the quaffle and run back to their own goalpost to simulate recovery time.
  • One keeper on each team protects their hoops. There is a keeper zone,once the keeper is out of it they can be tackled or beat.
  • A seeker attempts to catch the snitch (a tennis ball in a sock which is attached to a runner’s shorts).

Move over, rugby

Contrary to popular belief, Quidditch is not a sport for the faint-hearted. It’s not a bunch of nerds running around with brooms between the legs. The sport is dangerous and leaves many players bruised, broken and scarred. Molly told me she was unable to play today due to a broken clavicle. Ouch.

They mean business.

They mean business

However, the Dumyat Dragons can dish it out as much as they can take it. They broke noses when they played the St Andrews Skrewts and have even made grown men cry.

It’s not all about the physical side though. Vicky says her favourite practice session of the year was playing in the snow: “We just gave up and started making snow angels”.


Quidditch is amazing in the snow

The Order of Stirling Wizarding Society (which is part of the Dumyat Dragons) has been nominated for three awards at the Clubs and Socs ball: the “Most Innovative Idea” award for the Quidditch team, the “Best Event” for their Yule Ball and the prestigious “Club of the Year”.

Meanwhile, on the pitch their next games are on the 12th of April, when they’ll play in a three-team tournament with Edinburgh and St Andrews.

If you’re interested in joining the team, you can find their Facebook page here.