Kilted Kangaroo is the best pub in Stirling

You’re guaranteed a g’day mate

Katie’s might be cheaper, Spoons might be bigger but The Kilted Kangaroo is the best pub in Stirling.

Okay, so I’m going to make a confession…I’m a local.

I’ve lived in Stirling for most of my life, and drank in every single Stirling pub you can think of. In the three years I’ve been legally paying over the odds for bad alcohol, I’ve experienced everything wine-related that this city has to offer.

And it doesn’t get better than The Kilted Kangaroo.

Outback, as it’s known to everyone who is older than third year, might be a bit of a trek from Dusk but it’s worth it.

Everyone knows that Australians know how to have a laugh and how to have a drink. That’s why Australian themed pubs are so much fun, as soon as you walk in the door and see that fist boomerang mounted on the wall, your whole attitude changes. It might be a bit tacky, but that’s half the appeal.

But it’s not just the decor, the staff at Kilted are the perfect combination of attractive, friendly and efficient. No matter how busy the bar is, there’s always a friendly face to hand over a bottle of white, one glass, with a smile no judgement.

If wine isn’t your thing, then there’s an extensive cocktail, bombs and shots menu. Everyone has to experience a Bundy Bomb at least once, and if you survive it, maybe twice.

Once, a guy I used to work with got so drunk on Bundy that he fell off a table he was dancing on and knocked himself unconscious. If that doesn’t sound like a good time to you, then we’ll never see eye to eye.

The scene of the incident

At the weekend, the place is always heaving with a great mix of people. There’s nothing worse than being the only rowdy students in a pub full of middle aged locals trying to have a quiet pint, but there’s also nothing worse than seeing every one night stand you’ve had this year in the one room (hello, Spoons on a Tuesday night.)

Even my granny loves Outback

The music is always a crowd pleaser, and if you chat nice to the DJ, he might even play a Taylor Swift song and give you a shout out.

And during the week there’s a line up of nights that means you never have to spend an hour in awkward silence with your flatmates.

My personal favourite is music bingo, but you can’t go wrong with a bit of karaoke either.

But Outback isn’t just for nights out – the food is insane. Burgers, fajitas and the actually very delicious if you can bring yourself to try it kangaroo steak, it’s all you could ever ask for from pub grub.

What truly sets Kilted apart though is the beer garden. There’s literally no where else in the world I’d rather be on a sunny day than fighting for a table with a cider in the Outback beer garden. It’s classic.

So you can keep your £1 shots and Reggae night. We’re heading to Kilted.