‘Racist’ uni football team blacks up for African Cup of Nations social

‘They’re embarrassing us on a national level’

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Embarrassing footballers have once again caused controversy by blacking up for a social.

Over a year since the busgate scandal, Stirling Uni FC held an African Cup of Nations social. The club – one of the largest on campus – turned up at Cape bar on Thursday night with black on their face, arms and legs.

Witness Jim MacIvor said: “I saw 30-40 blacked up footballers having a drink.

“They were just socialising, normal stuff. I happened to be in the flat across the road from Cape and I saw them leave around half 11, quarter to 12.

“They were being quite boisterous- they were quite drunk – and some of them were taking their tops off and stuff like that.”

Second year footballer Joe Mullen said: “I’ve nothing to say on the matter. Everything is getting blown out of proportion. I’ve nothing else to say, sorry.”

But a representative from Show Racism the Red Card said: “The practice of blacking up was usually as part of a show by white entertainers for white audiences which relied on mocking black people’s skin colour and culture, the practice is racist and should definitely be avoided in our more enlightened times.”


A comment on Facebook from Journalism student Daniel Shields read: “To insinuate that the football club, one of the most inclusive sports clubs at the university is racist in any way is a farce and a lie. 

“I assume every time anyone dresses up as a non-white individual at halloween, socials etc you’ll be writing similar articles? Will that include the Hulk, smurfs and and character for the Simpsons too?”

Second year History student, Conor Fitzpatrick, said: “They are not only embarrassing us, the student body, in front of our peers and the local community but also on a national level.”

racist text

This text was posted on one of the players’ instagrams


The tweet has since been deleted

The incident comes at an awkward time for Sports Union President Chris Priddle, who is currently campaigning to be re-elected.

Chris, who was heavily involved in last year’s busgate scandal, gave an election speech just hours prior to these events about the University’s need to tackle lad culture on campus, assuring the audience that he would do more to tackle it if re-elected.

Video footage obtained from Stirling’s student radio Air3 apparently reveals an altercation between the football team and others outside Cape bar in town.