I don’t care about elections

Stop trying to be political

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What do you all do anyway?

The only reason I’d possibly be inclined to vote is if my friend were running for a position. To be honest, the whole thing reminds me of a school council, except I was more interested in getting a prefect badge than why you need #OneMoreYear to do it right this time around.

What’s an Engagement Officer? Is it necessary? Do they help people plan wedding proposals?

Hi guys

I’ll be honest, before I looked it up on the union website, I didn’t know who was running, or what positions were even available.

I come to uni to get drunk cheaply, and sometimes go to class. Sometimes. I kind of forget that the union even exists, because all the work goes on in the background.

I’ll admit that I do indeed like one of the slogans, not telling which though!

She means business.

Some people love the elections, and actually care about the changes you want to make, but I’m actually too lazy to come in and vote. To be honest, I think I’m not alone in saying that the elections don’t mean a big deal to me.

Don’t get me wrong, I actually agree with a lot of the pledges that candidates are making, and I think having the opportunity to vote and stand for something you believe in is important, but the elections are just one wave in the sea of general apathy that is sweeping the shores of Stirling.

Better get those armbands out.

At the end of the day, freshers aren’t going to care who wins or loses.