Campus style

Lookin fiiiiiine

best dressed campus campus style fashion stirling students

No matter the weather, some of you pull off the chic look every day.

Holly Lynn, first year, Politics

campus stlye 1

Donatas Slimas, fourth year, Philosophy

campus style 2

Kate Millican, second year, Psychology and Marketing

campus style 3

Ryan McGuckin, second year, Film and Media

campus style 4

Rose-Marie Koll, first year, Film, Media and Sociology

campus style 6

Emily Grounds, third year, Business

campus style 7

Matt Williamson, second year, Marketing and Psychology

campus style 8

Guila Spaltro, second year, Psychology

campus style 9

Sebastian Lawson-Thorp, third year, Psychology

campus style 10

Claire Hyndman, first year, Psychology

campus style 11