All we want for Christmas…is YOU

Think you’ve got what it takes to do jernalizm?

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In light of a recent surge in traffic and readership, The Tab Stirling’s team is looking to expand, and we want you to be part of it. 

We’re accepting applications for new writers, photographers, promoters and tippers to help keep a steady stream of content this year as we expand our News, Features, Fashion and Argument sections.

The deadline for applications will be 8th December.

Here's what we'd look like if we were in print. But we're not - print is so 1450

Here’s what we’d look like if we were in print. But we’re not – print is so 1450

This year’s already seen us publish exclusive news stories on the meningitis scare in halls, the homeless girl from Stirling library and the global exclusive of Dusk getting a new pizza restaurant.

Dusk will never be the same again

Not to mention our scrum-ptious coverage of the Stirling Rugby boys stripping for their mate Connor Hughes, and our explosive exclusive on the LGBT president standing off with the Union.

The rugby lads converted sex appeal into cash for their mate Connor Hughes

We’ve also brought you features including an insight into the life of a student model, the definitive guide to a night out in Stirling and a timely reminder of why you go to Stirling University.

Our interview with student model Chloe Nevin gave students an insight into the demands of this not so normal part time job

Our interview with student model Chloe Nevin gave students an insight into the demands of this not so normal part time job

But why should you contribute to the biggest student news site in the UK? What’s in it for you?

  • You get expert training and insider knowledge from widely published journalists.
  • Your stories will be published by other national newspapers like our story on thieves ransacking Geddes Court and calls for an inquiry into the death of Stirling student David O’Halloran.
  • We’ll invite you to our regular socials, massive summer party, and the semi-legendary Tab Christmas curry.
  • You’ll have the pedigree of being a Tab writer, invaluable for getting ahead in the world of media and beyond.
  • You can have your articles read by 2 million monthly readers.
  • We can get you exclusive tickets to the big events.
  • If you have a top story, the big dogs at Tab HQ will even pay you for it
Tabbers on tour

Tabbers on tour

Senior writer Brett Borthwick, said: “Since I was introduced to The Tab I can honestly say that I’ve made some great friends and gotten a lot of experience (in both drinking and writing).

“It’s great to read pieces by students for students because they’re about stuff that we actually care about.”

brett with ricci

Brett with Geordie Shore’s Ricci Guarnaccio at Fubar

Deputy Editor Aime Jaffray, said:”Joining The Tab was the best decision I made since coming to Stirling.

“I get to write funny stuff that people actually read. We have the best team you could ask for.”

I didn't feel brave taking this, at all. You're braver for looking at it.

Aime Jaffray in her #nomakeupselfie

So, whether you’re a budding journalist looking to get some quality experience or a passionate student looking to get involved, all you’ve got to do is fire off an email to your friendly neighbourhood editor at: [email protected]

And if you’re not much of a writer, but you’ve heard some great gossip on campus then we still want to hear from you, you can reach us at: [email protected]

On top of that, if you’ve got a great story then the big dogs at Tab HQ will even pay for it. If you’re one of our readers and you think you’ve got a great story you can email our London office: [email protected]

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