Bleed Green: Stirling Uni is the best out there

Not that you need any convincing

We have ducks. And squirrels. And Dusk.

Students at Stirling are a little different. We don’t really care about the rankings compared to other unis – we care about our own uni experience,  what we can do to make it the best four years. Here’s a few things that Stirling can offer:


Stirling is Scotland’s institute of sport. We offer a wide range of clubs; the usual football and rugby, rowing compared with a few more out of the ordinary clubs like surfing, ultimate Frisbee and American football.



Stirling’s American football team have proved to be very popular; they compete round the UK and even our own Starbucks on campus has released a health “bleedgreen” juice to represent our sporting achievements and enthusiasm.

Pity its disgusting and there’s too many bits in it. Seriously kale… and celery…ew. Juice-Smoothie-Bar-Sept-2014


We may only have a couple of night clubs available but with the right pre-drinking regime either if that’s in halls or in one of our bars (Katie’s or Outback to name a few) you are sure to have a good night out.

Dusk have possible plans in the work of even introducing a pizza place next door, which would be heaven and would save the hunt of a chippy on your usual way home.



Dusk Tuesdays are the best student nights out: £1 drinks. A student’s dream.

Just be careful not to deck it on the steps going down to the dance floor, the floors tend to be slippy and every now and then you’ll see the girl who chose to wear heels that were just a little too high and fall on their face.

Also, I recommend deleting your snapchat app or turn off your phone. You may send some embarrassing snapchats when your’e queuing for the loo. 016

Campus Life


If you tell anyone that you go to Stirling you always get the ‘oh the campus is meant to be lovely’. Yes we know, its pretty because we have a loch and wildlife and trees- which are home to the ducks and squirrels.

As a student you’ll have a deadline to do (most likely last minute) and you’ll try to be productive and go to the library- on a weekday this is IMPOSSIBLE. You can never find a computer and then when you do its the one that doesn’t work and then you go to print something off and its run out of paper. Screw it.


Weekends are another matter- unless it’s exam time- but it’s usually pretty quiet and you have an array of working computers to choose from, bliss. Also to cure that stinking hangover go to the union and order the large plate of curly fries. It works.