Dusk to make more dough with pizza

Club revamp includes late-night restaurant

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Dusk is building a late-night pizza restaurant onsite, The Tab can reveal.

And that’s not all. There will also be brand new seating, cloakroom and a bigger entrance.

But most importantly – you will finally be able to buy food after a long night out.

Planning permission shows Dusk has successfully applied to add a pizza restaurant to their venue.

They had originally submitted a planning permission application to build a third floor, but the plans were rejected.

But we’d rather have the pizza.

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Third floor or pizza? Pizza.

The struggle to get some good greasy grub in Stirling after a late night is well known as being tougher than your dissertation and, if you order through Dominoes, twice as time consuming.

But now you won’t have to walk home at 4am to eat a sad bowl of cornflakes and toast.

The initial idea was to have a serving hatch to stand at while you ordered, but the final plans include an indoor waiting room, which means no waiting in the cold smoking area.

The proposed new layout.

The proposed new layout.

The redesign will also entail a new entrance corridor and bigger cloakroom. The waiting room will be situated to the right of the entrance and the kitchen will back onto the ticket offices.

The changes also boast new seating around the club and brand new toilets that might not look like the Somme come 1am on a Tuesday night. But then this is Stirling, so best not to get the hopes up.

Student reaction so far has been widely positive.

Alex Duke, studying second year Business and Politics,  said: “It’s a good idea, I’m always starving after a late one.”

While 19-year-old International Politics and Languages student Emily McGuinness said: “A pizza take-away? That would make my night, as long as they sold chips.

“It seems Dusk’s latest venture can’t be topped.”

DUSK PIZZA proposed elevation TAB

The newly proposed entrance, featuring the restaurant to the right

The documents, available online, also say the planning permission expires on 10th December, 2015.

So as long as you’re not in final year, you can look forward to living the dream of quick post night pizza as early as next summer.

The dusk loyal will definitely be lapping up these new changes. And if they’re willing to try it, why not you?

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