Meet the creme-de-la-creme of Stirling drinking clubs

And sometimes they play sport

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Stirling’s sports captains are recruiting new blood for the coming year – and they’ll say anything to get you into their team (bed).

Men’s Football – Joe Mullen

Joe Mullen Football Photo

Course and Year:

Second year Science and Exercise.

What do you look for in new members?

I was captain last year so this will be my second year. I look for qualities such as confidence, communication and commitment.

And a good personality that not just my team, but the whole club can get along with.

What’s the most memorable moment from last year?

Most memorable moment would probably be the first night the team went out to Fubar. From then on I knew I had a great bunch of lads to play along with all year.

Joe Mullen football photo 2

Who’s the funniest member?

To be fair, we have quite a few comedians on our team and we all like to think we’re the funniest.

But it has to be Ryan Taylor for me. He can turn any situation hilarious.

What’s a typical session like?

We do a light session on a Tuesday because we have games on a Wednesday. On Thursdays we have an intense fitness session, but we always have a laugh.

Men’s Hockey – Kieran Friel

Course and Year:

Second year Sports Studies.

mens hockey 2

What do you look for in new members?

We look for committed, enthusiastic guys who are keen to develop their hockey skills in a friendly environment.

It doesn’t matter whether you are a seasoned professional or a total beginner, there is a place in the club for you.

What’s the most memorable moment from last year?

Beating Inverleith II 4-3 away from home last year. After losing our first few games, the team really started to come together that day and we won against a top side.

mens hockey

Who’s the funniest member?

That’s a tough question, but I’d go for Fraser Stuart. He’s one of our social secretaries this year and he keeps everyone on their toes!

What’s a typical session like?

There will be a lot more hard-running at training this year, as we now have a new coach to keep us all in check.

New freshers can expect to be worked hard on and off the pitch, as they will be actively involved in the planning of any fundraising activities as well.

Basketball – James Williamson 

Course and Year:

Second year Business and Sport.

basketball club

What do you look for in new members?

As a friendly team we are searching for players who are  willing to train hard. We know that there’s always room for improvement!

What is the most memorable moment from last year?

One of our players, John, managed to steal the ball and the basket was open for a simple layup.

But he decided to take a three pointer and scored. It was a brilliant and hilarious moment for the team.

Who is the funniest member of your club (and why)?

It is hard to decide who the funniest member is as everyone in the team has had their fair share of funny moments.

We all make each other laugh in training and on the mini bus when we have away matches which is what makes the club special.

What usually goes on at a typical training session?

The first thing we do is warm up with dynamic stretches and light jogging. After warming up we work on something that needs improving, such as shooting, defense or passing.

To finish off, some little games like 3v3 or 1v1, and if we all behave (work hard) then 5v5 to finish. A cool down is optional.

Ladies Hockey – Robyn Blair

Course and Year:

We have three teams in our club. Our 1st team captain is a 4th year PE teaching student. Our 2nd team captain is in her 3rd year of Sports studies. And our 3rd team captain does Maths in 4th year.Girls Hockey Team

What do you look for in new members?

In new members, we just look for enthusiasm and the aspiration to progress and succeed. We pride ourselves on having players of all abilities in our club.

Whether you have played for your country or never played before we welcome everyone and have teams to accommodate all.

As long as you are interested in learning more, improving your individual and team performance we would love to have you.

Girls Hockey Team 2

What’s the most memorable moment from last year?

The most memorable moment from last year would probably be when our 1st XI won the SSS Conference Cup, securing their treble win. Promotions in both their Wednesday and Saturday league and then winning the cup.

Over 20 supporters from the club went along to Dundee to watch the 1s win 3-1 against Edinburgh Uni. The atmosphere was fantastic and it was a fantastic celebration for the whole club.

Who’s the funniest member?

Sophie Allen, she was last year’s winner of the infamous ‘Dick of the Year’ award. For her outrageous antics on nights out, riding a skip to Fubar and getting banned from Katie’s Bar for peeing in the urinals.

Her one liners and famous hilarious stories keep everyone amused when hungover after a social.

What’s a typical session like?

Typical training sessions consist of a standard warm up, then basically just working on various skills and tactics that has been highlighted that needs worked on from the previous matches, then ending in a few games.

Always very fun sessions with input from coaches, captains and players.

Girls Hockey Team 3

If anyone is interested please get in contact with Robyn at [email protected]

Cheerleading – Alison Reid

Course and Year:

Third year Primary Education with Modern Languages.

cheerleeding squad

What do you look for in new members?

We look for enthusiasm, dedication and a willingness to try new things in our girls!

What’s the most memorable moment from last year?

Walking onto the floor at BCA (our biggest competition of the year) and hearing the crowd cheering for us while we performed our routine.

Who is the funniest member (and why)?

Funniest member is Eve as she likes to make everyone smile by showing off her crazy dance moves!

What’s a typical session like?

A typical training session consists of a half hour warm-up to build our cardio and stretch out ready for training. Then we practice our jumps and dance. We work on our stunts for the majority as this is the hardest and most impressive part of our routine!