Freshers week: How much will it cost?

Ready for Freshers? Well hit up mum and dad for a few extra quid, because this week won’t be cheap.

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Stirling might be one of the cheapest places to live in Scotland, but that doesn’t make its newest students immune to the hefty costs of freshers week.

Here’s the step by step analysis on where they’ll be blowing that cash. An F pass will set you back by £40, if you’ve even managed to snag one.

If you’ve been caught out by the limited number of passes, you can expect to have to fork out around £80 if you want to attend every event on during Freshers.

Pre-drinks will be a key ritual of your initiation into university life, there’s no easier to make friends with flatmates than sloppily announcing you love them after a few to many slugs of Buckfast.


Freshers’ will have you drowning in booze

A crate of Tennet’s or Tesco’s own brand of Vodka will put a £10 per night dent into your budget, but for such an essential part of your first week, that’ll be £70 you don’t remember or regret.

Once your tickets for university- held nights out are sorted, you’ll have to factor in nights out on the town. If you swing over to Dusk or Fubar, expect to pay at least a fiver for entry, and then a few quid more for coatroom and drinks.

Most likely, you’ll have given the clubs £40 of your hard-earned loan before the week is out.

Taxis will be your best bet on a night out, with most charging £8 at most from the uni doors to the front of the club.

If you divide that between your new friends, it’ll only set you back a couple of pounds at most.


The first rule of Steak Club is: you do not talk about Steak Club.

The temptations of a 3 A.M Dominoes being delivered right to your door tempts even the best of them, and this may be one of the most unavoidable expenses of Freshers week.

Be it Dominoes, McDonalds or even TasteBudz, the siren call of fast food will undoubtedly lead you to the rocks of self-loathing and empty wallets.

Expect to lose £25 over the course of the week, and that’s a conservative estimate.

That’s already over £200 spent during your nights out, and remember to adjust that number based on your drunkenness and level of self-control.

After the nights out are done, there’ll already be a crater in your government-backed party fund, but don’t think this is the end.

 The first big solo shop will be a hurdle many Freshers fall at, with the temptation of branded products and no restriction on alcohol being the main things that will tempt Freshers into overspending.

By the end of the rounds at Tesco, Freshers can expect to have spent around £50 on their first week of shopping.

Dan, a second year sports studies student, said: “During Freshers, my drunkenness told me I had unlimited money and I spent hundreds on booze for me and other people, and dominoes.

By the end of the week, I must have spent around £500 before my first lecture, and I can’t remember anything except the pizza and alcohol.”


The construction of a kitchen fort will bring new roomies together.

Of course there’ll always be those extra costs that mount up over the course of the week- be it UV face paint, a new pair of trainers when the current pair are inevitably puked on, or even a fine for public drunkenness when you steal one too many traffic cones.

Overall, you should expect to spend around £300 on your debut week at university. You’ll probably be able to recover financially from Freshers, and as long as you avoid grinding on senior citizens in Fubar or vomiting on your attractive flatmate, you’ll recover emotionally.