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A big Tab hello from all of us here at The Tab Stirling!

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Congratulations, you made it to Stirling. The University well known as the Oxford of Central Scotland. But we don’t like to brag about that.

If you’re here then that also likely means you’ve broken free of your shackles and escaped from Guantanamo home, congrats on that too.

Now your reward for making it this far? Four more years of the hardest work you’ll possibly ever find yourself doing. Unless you’re doing a philosophy degree, in which case just try to master the phrase ‘would you like fries with that?’

But hey, its not all bad news. In front of you is also four years of highs, lows, uppers, downers, head turners and most importantly- a pretty awesome time at the Oxford of Central Scotland.

Ain’t no party like a tab stirling party

One of the things that isn’t so awesome? Student newspapers. You may have seen them lying around the floor of the atrium, functioning as tumble weed in town in the early hours of the morning, or perhaps just sitting in the stands, where they belong.

The Tab Stirling doesn’t want to tell you about Israel, or the immediate threat posed to us as students by global warming, nor do we want to tell you about the latest cinema releases or who should be running the country.

The Tab Stirling wants to talk about you. We want to publish news by the students, for the students. The news you actually want to read.

Last year’s Busgate scandal got Stirling all the headlines for the wrong reasons

Last year we broke huge exclusives including the shocking car crash on Causewayhead road and the now infamous Busgate scandal.

We interviewed student drug dealers, brought you closer to your lecturers, and reported on the vote that actually mattered to Stirling students.

During freshers’ week we’ll be running an exclusive expose on the cost of it all, giving you all the vital freshers fashion tips and introducing you to your sports captains for the year.

Want to learn more about the local nightclub scene? Look no further than our definitive Stirling nightclub review from our very own club connoisseur.

This year, we’re making the Stirling Tab bigger and better than ever, and we want you to be part of it.

Here's what we'd look like if we were in print. But we're not - print is so 1450

Here’s what we’d look like if we were in print. But we’re not – print is so 1450

There’s so many benefits to joining the biggest and best student news site in the UK:

  • You get expert training and insider knowledge from widely published journalists.
  • We’ll invite you to our regular socials, massive summer party, and the semi- legendary Tab Christmas curry.
  • You’ll have the pedigree of being a Tab writer, invaluable for getting ahead in the world of media and beyond.
  • You can have your articles read by 2 million monthly readers.
  • We can get you exclusive tickets to the big events.
  • If you have a top story, the big dogs at Tab HQ will even pay you for it
Write for the Tab and get tickets to the exclusive events with the exclusive people

Write for the Tab and we’ll get you free tickets to the big events

So, whether you’re a budding journalist looking to get some quality experience or a passionate student looking to try your hand at writing for Stirling’s favourite student news site, all you’ve got to do is fire off an email to your friendly neighbourhood editor at: [email protected].

And if you’re not much of a writer, but you’ve heard some great gossip on campus then we still want to hear from you, you can reach us at: [email protected]

On top of that, if you’ve got a great story then the big dogs at Tab HQ will even pay for it. If you’re one of our readers and you think you’ve got a great story you can email our London office: [email protected].

Go ahead and like us on Facebook or follow us on Twitter, all the cool kids do.

So again, congrats on choosing to come to the Oxford of Central Scotland. You’re gonna love every minute.

Lots of love,

The Tab Stirling