Will union apathy fade away?

After an interesting election, Jamie Walker wonders what it means for the future


The Election Day has been and gone. The Atrium is no longer full of posters, leaflets, flyers and campaigners busily trying to get their candidate elected.

I’ve often heard people saying that students are lazy etc, etc, but just looking round the atrium at election time, you would think that students being lazy might not be true. All credit to them, it created a very interesting union election.

The atrium was nearly as colourful as the election

There seemed to be more students interested this year and willing to get involved. The hustings, for example, were full and even passers-by stopped to have a listen to the candidates. Even the alternative hustings received great reviews as well.

So what does all this mean? Is the apathy that the student population has disappearing? Will students be more willing to engage with their union for the full year and not just at election time? Have the failures of the last students’ union resurrected the voice of the students to demand more from their union?

Whatever the case may be, the fact that more students at the moment seem interested is something the candidates should not ignore now the posters have come down and the ballot box is closed.

Engagement was a big problem with the last Union, and all elected candidates must seriously make an effort to talk to all students at every given opportunity on all aspects of student life.