Sick chants on bus

YouTube footage of sports team on bus singing sexist chants

Some of Stirling’s ‘lads’ have shocked their peers with a series of sick, sexist chants on a bus.


Students were stunned to watch a five-minute video in which lads – identified by some as the Men’s Hockey Team – joked about MISCARRIAGES.

It comes just weeks after the student union voted to ditch policies guaranteeing its commitment to women’s rights.

At one point the ‘lads’ boo a chant because it got the ‘punchline’ wrong. The chant talks about a woman who wants a KitKat. “Four fingers she got!” chant the team, but following boos this was ‘corrected’ to “my chunky she got!”

“A KitKat she wanted, my chunky she got” is also the name of a Politics Society debate about Lad Culture scheduled for Thursday, at which Hockey President Christopher Priddle was due to appear.

One of the most offensive verses talks about a women who wanted a ‘lady train’ – and ends up with a miscarriage.

The footage – uploaded by a user called camarua – appeared on Monday night after many rumours.

Other students on the bus look visibly unimpressed.

“This is quite scary,” commented one girl, who then joked that the lads clearly weren’t getting laid enough.

Stuart Mower, a fourth year student who was on the bus, tweeted at the time that: “Being on a bus with Stirling Uni Mens’ Hockey team is a punishment hell should consider running.”

He told The Tab: “They were all going to a party at John Forty’s and were sort of hazing the new freshers (I guess getting them to bin their litter now counts as hazing), anyway they were pretty drunk and decided to do one of their chants obnoxiously loud basically so that everyone could hear it.”

Many Facebook users flooded the site with their outrage over the incident.

Student Hannah Roberts was “disgusted” and said “No wonder so many guys grow up with warped perceptions of sexuality and consent with this kind of behaviour still in practice.”

There’s an even longer version of the video for those who can stomach it: