The best places to cry on campus

We’ve all had those moments where there’s nothing to do but cry.

A bad grade on an essay you spent weeks on, getting called out in a seminar when you’ve done none of the reading, pissing yourself during a presentation about how the surrealist movement affected film. So where do you go to shed a few sly tears? The atrium is too crowded and nothing stays secret in halls.

Here’s a guide of our top places to cry on campus:


No one will so much as blink if you have a good cry up between the books on the  4th floor. This floor is designed for silence, so no one can even ask you what’s wrong. Sit down amongst the dissertation students weeping around you and join in – you’ll be in good, upset company.


No one enters these terrifying toilets in the depths of Cottrell, and chances are you’ve never even seen them. Between the high school style graffiti and constantly flashing horror film lights, the sound of sobbing fits right in.


If you want to cry near idyllic and peaceful water, yet find the main loch too crowded, this is the perfect place. No one will disturb you as there is literally no reason anyone would approach this random space of water. Plus, if you cry at the edge then no one will be able to find your tears.


A more expensive, yet ultimately more rewarding option for your crying experience. In the dark of the cinema no one will be able to see the tears rolling down your cheeks. You never know, a good film could be just the thing to put a smile on your face.